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Everyday Protest


In this age of movements and outcries few people today can say they don’t know humanity’s dirty laundry. The deep dark secrets of the last century are finally secrets no more. There’s CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, resource exhaustion in developing countries, and labor abuse worldwide. We each carry our own fair share of the blame, and we all know it. 


Industries take advantage of our tendency to overlook these realities when faced with the products we want to buy and the foods we crave. It’s a human problem really, it’s hard to keep this grand web of compliance in mind when it comes down to the little things. Whether we’re driving to the shop when we really could be walking, or we’re buying that exotic fruit while ‘buying local, thinking global’ is lurking at the back of our mind. 


The truth is we really do care, but as with all philosophies sometimes life just gets in the way. Having a little reminder of the change we have all been fighting for can be a powerful tool in your daily life and help to spread this sentiment to those around you. This design reminds us of the fight we’ve all witnessed coming to a boil in the last few years, while holding true to these values with its environmentally friendly production.


Making better choices is on the tamer side of the movement, it doesn’t quite have that glamorous sheen of rebellion. But strangely, the struggle we face with ourselves might be our hardest fight yet. It is time to take up the cause in our day to day life, let our decisions and expressions show who we are and what we want. It’s in the yearly trends, the monthly protests, the weekly headlines, but is it in our daily choices?

Everyday Protest

  • This shirt is made from Earth friendly material - 100% organic cotton. It makes it much more sustainable to our environment. You can learn more about how it is different from your regular cotton t-shirt in this article. 

    Quick facts:

    • 100% organic cotton

    • Crew neck



      S M L XL
    Width 18.5 in 20.5 in 22.5 in 24.5 in
    Length 28 in 29 in 30 in 31 in
    Sleeve 7.5 in 8 in 8.5 in 9 in


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