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As the world becomes more interconnected with common place technology and travel, we as individuals have conversely become more detached from each other and our environment. When we’re caught up in our digital lives, it becomes harder and harder to stop for a moment and take a look at the very real world around us. The people, the places, and the nature we value are right here with us today, but their survival is at stake every time we don’t act in their best interest. 


Expanding your consciousness beyond your community, to the larger global village of the modern world will benefit not only our peers, but the generations that will come after us. Our world is the heritage of all of humanity, and few would question this concept goes far beyond ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities. Little choices made with care and thought ripple throughout our collective world and into the future. This is why we need the awareness to make the right choices, protecting our water, resources, and fellow earthlings. 


These simple ideas are expressed in this design, a visual that takes inspiration from the earth and our place on it. An embrace of mutual love between differing ethnicities, both possessing their own unique and valid claim to the world as seen through their birthmarks. They’re a part of the earth, as much as the earth is a part of them. This design doesn’t just speak for itself, but it upholds these beliefs in its environmentally friendly production. 


Whatever future we may have, it will always be bound to the earth. Our possessions, industries, and cultural roots are shaped and grown from the planet we live on. In no other topic is this as pertinent as it is in fashion. Our garments are an expression of who we are, so why shouldn’t they also express what we stand for? 


The illustration was created by Claire Perdriel from France.

Claire Perdriel Instagram.

Unity is Us

  • This shirt is made from Earth friendly material - 100% organic cotton. It makes it much more sustainable to our environment. You can learn more about how it is different from your regular cotton t-shirt in this article. 

    Quick facts:

    • 100% organic cotton

    • Crew neck



      S M L XL
    Width 18.5 in 20.5 in 22.5 in 24.5 in
    Length 28 in 29 in 30 in 31 in
    Sleeve 7.5 in 8 in 8.5 in 9 in


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