Sustainable Fashion Brand Ninety Percent



SHARING 90% OF BRAND’S PROFITS. We have never seen this done before. This brand shares 90 % of their distributable profits with 4 causes that help children and animals by making a positive impact on our world. Even the brand’s name was created of this idea. So, we can assume that first born the idea of sharing and then followed brand name. As a customer you can vote which cause you want to support.

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We will always always need t-shirts, sweaters, sweatpants in a good quality and sustainable fabrics. Because what can be better for home or weekend outfits? NOTHING! It looks like NINETY PERCENT knows what are they doing in this area of casual outfits.


This brand uses ORGANIC COTTON, which is great! And other amazing sustainable fabrics as example Tencel. BUT they are honest and say that NOT every garment in their stores is sustainable, because of their design goals. And they are trying to find alternatives. So, we praise them for their honest and good job in sustainable fashion.


We just agree that every adult is responsible for their choices what they say, eat, buy and everything they do on this earth. SO this is a perfect organic cotton T-SHIRT to remind it.

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Things that could be better


NINETY PERCENT is a very young UK brand, they started in 2018 January and they definitely has a beautiful idea of how fashion can work and is working. BUT as customers we think they should be more open and transparent. Transparency is even mentioned in their promise as one of their brand’s values.

This IDEA OF SHARING 90 % of their profit is amazing. We could find information only about how beautiful this idea is and nothing on how they are succeeding in this journey or struggles they have. They are talking about transparency, but we did not find any information on how much they shared in this past 1,5 years. If they did not succeeded to do this we still think it would be interesting to know what are the problems.


If you use reputable suppliers fabrics it would be a good idea to mention them. It could be they don’t want to do that, so in this case as a customer we would still be happy to know why they are reputable. Do they have certifications that everyone approves or just you as brand respect them. MORE INFORMATION.


We did not find any information on how many countries their products must touch before reaching the customer. They are based in London, their manufacturers are in Turkey and Bangladesh. BUT from where their materials are coming. What kind of transportation they use. These are the questions that sustainable fashion brands should talk about.

All things considered

We might be asking too much from a brand that works just 1,5 years, especially when they have such big goal to achieve. This brand is on beautiful and meaningful path. And we just hope that more transparency and more information is on its way. They just need more time to put everything in a right drawers. If you need casual and comfortable outfits, definitely check what they are offering.

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