Most of us start every year with new promises often called New Years resolution. For some it is a decision to get in shape and this can be clearly seen from increase of people in gym during January. My personal favorite promise is to read more books. Unfortunately, I noticed that what I actually do is just buy more books that end up on a shelf. But for 2020 I have a new promise that I will be making for the first time - not to buy new clothes in 2020.

This might sound radical, but there are multiple good reasons why I am aiming for this. First, I have way more clothes than I actually need and they could easily serve me for at least the next couple of years. I believe this is a common thing that resonates with a lot of people. Spending a year without adding new clothes to my wardrobe is going to help me understand which clothes I really enjoy to wear and are a good fit for me and which clothes just clutter my wardrobe.

Second reason is one that is actually hard to admit, but I am starting to recognize that some of my purchases are purely driven by emotions. Bad mood? It is time to fix it with some new shoes. Sun is shining and the Spring is here? Let’s buy a new beautiful dress! It can be really hard to notice and admit that we have impulsive, emotion driven shopping habit. We all are super good at defending ourselves why we needed this new jacket. But time is the best judge here. It shows how often did we actually put that jacket on and it becomes clear if we actually needed a new jacket. Sadly, statistics are terrible here and shows that most Americans wear a clothe just a couple of times before throwing it out.

Third reason is very specific and related to changes in my personal life. Two years ago I moved from Europe to US and that was mind blowing for my shopping habits! Oh boy how many sales, discounts, special deals and other temptations there are in US that seduces you to buy more. It is like a never ending celebration for a girl like me who loves good deals. So, this year I ended up with tons of stuff that very likely I don’t even need or it does not fit me well. But the deals where so good that it looked like a sin not buy!

Forth reason is related to what I really enjoy doing - mix and match various clothes to get incredible new look. I love thinking about what I am going to wear next day to look awesome. But the more I buy the less often I use this skill. It becomes so much easier to just put on something new and not to spend time on thinking how to wear the some clothes in a new way. I hope this project will help me expand my knowledge and creativity on how to wear the same thing and have a completely different look.

My fifth and last reason is related to this website. I started to write about sustainable fashion, learn more about it myself and share all this knowledge with people because I really believe that we all must be more conscious about it and act to make things better. I am also determined to implement as many things as possible from what I learn in my daily life. And it is not a secret that the rule number one in sustainable fashion is to buy less, wear what you already have and take care of your clothes to extend their life for as long as possible.

So here are project “No shopping” rules I am going to follow in 2020:

  • I will not buy new clothes until 2021. This rule does not apply only to lingerie and socks.

  • If I will really need something during 2020, I will do my best to buy it from thrift shop.

  • I am going to share my daily outfits in my IG profile. There will also going to be information about when each clothe have been purchased and for how much.

  • I am going to share my experience at the end of each month together with all challenges and lessons.

It is going to be really interesting to see how this project will go and what I will learn. I can’t wait to see which clothes are going to end up us my favorite ones. In case you are interested I posted my entire wardrobe that I will use during 2020. You can find it HERE.

Oh, and this experiment is going to help me save some money as well. My estimate shows that during 2018-2019 I spend around $2500 on my clothes alone. It is not a crazy amount of money, but it just because I am really good at finding amazing deals.

In case any of you would want to join me on this New Year resolution be sure to let me know!

Let’s do this!

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