Sustainable Fashion Brand Maggie Marilyn

Why we think this is the brand to be proud of


MANUFACTURES. This brand is based in New Zealand and 95 % of their of their productions are made in this country. Last 5 % are made in Italy. Locally working companies in the fashion industry is such a rare thing. For Meggie Marilyn it means much higher cost to produce their apparels. BUT we think it is really important. They are an example to follow.


Company say that they have very close relationships with their manufactures and people that are working for them. As a customer on a website you can find information about every factory. What kind of clothes they make in MAGGIE MARILYN collection and their unique story. One funny thing that we found is that they have calculated how far every manufacture is from their main office

You can find all this information HERE


69 % of MAGGIE MARILYN collections are made from organic, recycled, ethical, repurposed fabrics. They have a goal to reach 100 % sustainable fabrics usage by 2020. So, we should say that they still have issues with sustainable fabrics, BUT they are transparent about it. Company mention every garment that is not that pleasant to nature and explain why they still use it. They also provide details about all the issues when trying to change that. We think it just shows how truly transparent they are and want to change things

More about it you can find in these links :

Fabrics and suppliers HERE

Strategy for 2020 and issues HERE


MAGGIE MARILYN packaging after use can be dissolved in water. No it does not mean it just break into microplastic, but really dissolves. This packaging is made from root starch, vegetable oil and vegetable polymer.

About this amazing packaging you can read more HERE

Things you should also know

Maybe a bit pricey, but it is a luxury brand and they do an amazing job as a sustainable fashion brand. So, they are worth the price.


We want to end with their motto “ It’s all about progress not perfection”. No one is perfect and brands can’t be like that as well. But as a customer we just want to see their effort for a better future.And their plans to change are not set with 30 year timeline, they are going to achieve it next year! We can see how honest and transparent they are. They are not cheap, BUT they are great.

Try them!

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