Sustainable Swimwear FISCH

Things we love about this brand


FISCH make their entire production from Econyle. It is made from abandoned fishing nets and other nylon waste. Amazing sustainable fabric to make beautiful swimwear.

More information about this fabric you can find HERE

Carbon Footprint

Their fabric ECONYLE is produced only 2 hours from manufacture that sew their products. That is a great way to minimize brand’s carbon footprint.

Donate 10 % of brand’s profit

FISCH as a brand is very close to the ocean's plastic waste problems. They donate 10% of their yearly profits to the organizations that are working to solve this problem.

You can read more about the organization's work HERE

Made in Italy

FISCH is producing their production in Europe. That means they can ensure ethical working conditions and pay reasonable salaries.

Things that can be better

More transparency and information

They are great sustainable brand. BUT more information about their work is never too much. How much they donate every year? Where exactly their production is made? It might not be necessary BUT these things are nice to know.


FISCH is a great, young sustainable swimwear brand. They are pricey, but their design is classical and chic. So, buy one and you can wear it not just for one season. AND this brand is founded by WOMEN. So if you are thinking about new swimwear, check FISCH and be proud to wear it.

You can find this brand HERE

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