Vegan Handbags Expressions NYC

Things to be proud of :


EXPRESSIONS NYC is a vegan brand which do not use any kind of animal materials. Their handbags are made from Ultra Fine Fiber leather. Brand explains that this material last even longer than genuine leather and is more expensive. So, EXPRESSIONS NYC aims not only to prevent harming any animal when creating their bags but also produced material that serves longer.


This brand for their handbags lining use recycled plastic bottles material. It is always good to know that plastic bottles end up somewhere better than in a scrap-heap.


This brand knows that is classical chic style. As a customer we can find classical, all season wearable handbags, BUT also you can find a few items that are trendy every season. Funny thing to mention that every collection name is inspired by NYC.

Some things are not that cool


EXPRESSIONS NYC says that they work with factories that are certified by ISO 9001. BUT where in the world those factories are located? We did not find any word about it. We think this information is necessary.


No information where materials are made, what kind of suppliers they use and as we mentioned earlier, no information on where in the world their factories are. So, as a customer you do not know the product’s path to the final stage. We only know that this brand is based in NYC.


VEGAN handbag brands are amazing and if a brand manages to create a beautiful design it is super duper amazing. And in our opinion EXPRESSIONS NYC managed to achieve exactly that. BUT there are things that could be better like more information about their factories, a clear path of their products to customers.


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