Ethical Fashion Brand Everlane

Special Powers

Transparency about their profits

Customers can see below every product in a website how much money it took to make this apparel and how much money they earn from it. They are super open minded about that.

Factory maps

They say every factory has a story and you can find all these stories in their website. As a customer you can check who and where made your clothes.

NO to virgin plastic by 2021

Their goal is to get rid of first time usage plastics by 2021 in all of their products, packagings and even office. Also, you can find recycled plastic products in their stores. This line is called ReNew

Classical and clean design

That means that their clothes are created to wear not just for one season, but they will find a place in your wardrobe for many years to come.

Things to be sad about


As much as they are super transparent about their factories and how much they pay to make their products that much transparency is lacking about their fabrics.


Everlane still use cotton that is produced by environmentally unfriendly methods. Even H&M stopped using this kind of cotton. .

Environmental impact

This brand is based in USA, San Francisco, but they have just 1 factory in USA. Most of them are in Asia. That means products have to take a long journey until they reach customers. Longer journey = bigger negative impact to our world.

Animal material suppliers

Leather that they use are not from certificated suppliers. It means that customers can not know in what conditions leather products were produced.

So, what we have here

Everlane is obviously in the right path to be a brand that we all can be proud of. They are ethical about their factory workers. Super transparent about profits and how much they spend to make clothes. Have beautiful and promising goals for the feature and are making commendable changes in their company. But they have issues with their garments and this does a huge impact on our world. Their changes are promising and we just encourage to implement them faster.

If you are thinking about a better choice than fast fashion brands Everlane it is definitely one to consider.

Materials that Everlane can be proud of:

Even if they have part of materials that are unsustainable it doesn’t mean this is not changing. EVERLANE have started their journey to sustainable world and have some fabrics they can be proud of. These are the products that we suggest to choose if you consider this brand:


They use denim that is described as one of the cleanest denims to be produced in the market.

You can read more about it HERE

RENEW outerwear collection

This collection is made from recycled plastic bottles. It was the beginning of their goal to get rid of new plastic in their collections by 2021.

More information HERE


Brand new sneakers with a mission to have the lowest negative environmental impact on the world. Everlane says it is just a start in their journey to reduce impact on our earth. We wish them luck!

More information about these sneakers you can find HERE

We think these are the products they can be proud of and their customers can be proud to wear them.

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