Boyish is a women’s denim fashion brand based in Los Angeles and founded by Jordan Nodarse. They primarily work with denim, one of the materials most known for its environmental impact. They specialize in using this traditionally masculine material and infusing it with a feminine touch. The fashion goal of the brand is to offer a stylized look to women who may consider their tastes “boyish”, while satisfying denim demands with more environmentally friendly practices.



They exclusively use recycled denim. This material is well known for its detrimental impact on the environment considering the dyes it uses and its high water consumption.

All of their denim are made from recycled materials. Recycling is used in many ways throughout their business, such as recycled plastic bottles which are made into the woven labels on their jeans. They also use scrap metal for jean rivets and buttons.

They put a lot of emphasis in their recycling initiatives and it shows. They reuse deadstock material and fabric wastes accumulated during manufacturing. It seems they thought of everything when it comes to reusability, the bags in their retail stores are even 100% compostable.


They inform consumers of the environmental impact of denim on their website but offer recycling as a good alternative to sourcing new denim. This is much better as it satisfies consumers without being as taxing to the environment.

Friendly dyes

They use environmentally friendly dyes which work in a variety of ways. These dyes allow them to use less water and also reduces the threat of contaminating the water or adversely affecting factory workers.


Water waist

Although they do reduce their water usage, using only a third of the water used in conventional denim production, they still use quite a bit of water compared to other sustainable fabrics on the market.

Virgin Cotton

Cotton is the main ingredient in denim, and while Boyish has done a lot to reduce the impact of this ingredient by utilizing recycled cotton, they still need to include it in their production.

Just Denim

Although they may be great at providing denim products, they don’t provide a wide range of clothing choices. Currently, the vast majority of their products are denim based. They do have plans of expanding their reach, but if you’re looking for a brand with many products to offer, they’re not quite there yet. But if you are looking just for good and sustainable jeans it is definitely brand to check!


Denim, although a beautiful material to many in its own right, will never be great for the environment. The cotton, water, and other resources used in its production is just too great to be considered a sustainable material. However, Boyish is as close as we can get an environmentally friendly material. They have cut down on the water usage and all of the dyes they use are the best on the market for the process, they simply don’t cut corner when it comes to making their products as environmentally friendly as possible. At every conceivable turn they’ve utilized recycling, so they have ultimately formed a well-rounded sustainability project. If you want ethical denim, this is probably the best brand in the market.

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